Oc Islet (Con Oc)

Oc Islet is located in Hung Phong Commune, Giong Tom District, Ben Tre province. Oc Islet is situated in Hung Phong Commune, Giong Tom Distict, which is 12 kilometers apart from Ben Tre city by road. Con Oc is the largest islet on Ham Luong River and covers a total area of 647 hectares. Oc […]


Cai Mon fruit orchard

Cai Mon fruit orchard is situated in Vinh Thanh village, Cho Lach commune, Ben tre province. Cai Mon is a typical Southern village, where there are narrow roads covered with trees laden with sweet and juicy fruits. Cai Mon orchard always has fruits all around the year Rambutans here are aromatic and sweet with small […]


Con Phung Islet – Phoenix Islet

Con Phung Islet is located on Tien River, Tan Trach village, Chau Thanh commune, right at the gateway of Ben Tre Province, which is 12 kilometers (road) or 25 kilometers (river) apart from the centre. The total area of the Islet is 50 hectares. The main means of earning for living of the locals here […]


Cao Dai Temple – Tay Ninh (Part 1)

The Cao Dai Great Temple at the sect’s Holy See is one of the most wonderful structures in Asia. Built between 1933 and 1955, this temple is a rococo extravaganza blending the dissonant architectural structure of a French church, a Chinese temple and an Islamic mosque. Tay Ninh province, northwest of HCMC, is bordered on […]


Can Gio Mangrove Forest

Can Gio was shaped from silt washing downstream from the river, so don’t expect to see any white-sand beaches. A few fine resorts have sprung up along the murky 10km shoreline and more are planned to be built in the future, even though it’s difficult to imagine them appealing to foreign tourists . Of more interest […]


Mekong Delta


Why Go? The Mekong Delta, which is the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, is a landscape carpeted in a dizzying diversity of greens and slashed with mighty waterways. There is a water world at which restaurants, boats, houses and many markets float on the innumerable rivers, canals and streams that flow through the region like arteries. […]


Mekong Delta Highlights


Mekong Delta Highlights  Kick up red dirt on a motorbike ride to the far-flung corners of Phu Quoc Island.  See the sun set across the Gulf of Thailand from a Phu Quoc Island beach.  Join in the throngs amid the bustling commerce of the floating markets on a boat trip from Can […]


Ben Tre kingdom of coconut trees


As visitors took off in the Mekong Delta, the remarkable small province of Ben Tre was always one ferry beyond the tourist traffic of My Tho and consequently developed at a more languid pace, though the opening of the Rach Mieu Bridge from My Tho funneled more travellers into the area. The town’s sleepy waterfront, […]