Oc Islet (Con Oc)

Oc Islet is located in Hung Phong Commune, Giong Tom District, Ben Tre province.

Oc Islet is situated in Hung Phong Commune, Giong Tom Distict, which is 12 kilometers apart from Ben Tre city by road. Con Oc is the largest islet on Ham Luong River and covers a total area of 647 hectares. Oc Islet appeals to tourists by fruit orchards, idyllic river and natural scenery, an endless green coconut forest with various kinds of coconut trees. Moreover, Oc Islet has many traditional craft villages, such as: manufacturing coconut handicrafts, handmade woven coconut baskets made from coconut stems. An epic and harmonious country life is an interesting destinations for tourists from everywhere.


A horizontal wharf in Oc Islet, where boats cross the river flow

Oc Islet is one of the scenes that is awakened overflowing inspiration for writers, poets and artists. The green orchards laden with different kinds of delicious fruits like: oranges, grapefruit, mango and so on, the river, the coconut ranges, the wharfs, flickering fireflies around mangrove apple trees’ branches or moonlight on the river, all of which can be a topic for romantic anthologies and artworks. Those narrow countryside roads, twisting canals with coconut trees from both sides and the gentle flow all harmonize like a wonderful nature painting, which is featured the typical green culture of the South.

Hung Phong is truly a great allurement of a typical countryside river tour. It has an exotic charm which hook tourists from everywhere during the Ben Tre journey.


Beautiful sceneries, fresh air

The Islet also possesses a rich tradition in revolution during the resistance period. It is a hometown of many patriotic, brave and talent soldiers, who stirred million Dong Khoi people’s hearts during the Vietnam War.

Visiting Oc Islet will bring you many interesting experience of the green eco-tourism