Tra Vinh

tra vinh market

Tra Vinh which is one of the most beautiful towns in the Mekong Delta, are still lined with shady trees, harking back to an earlier era. With more than 140 Khmer pagodas dotting the province, Tra Vinh is a quiet destination for exploring the Mekong’s little-touted Cambodian connection. The town itself sees minimal tourist traffic, […]


Around Cao Lanh


Sights & Activities Xeo Quyt Forest NATURE RESERVE (Xeo Quyt, Xeo Quit; admission 5000d; 7am-5pm) Southeast of Cao Lanh and accessible by boat tour is the beautiful 52-hectare Xeo Quyt Forest (also called Rung Tram) near My Hiep village. One large swamp beneath a beautiful thick canopy of tall trees and vines, it’s one of the […]