An untouched Tho Chu

Tho Chu Island 4

Far away from the beach, where Tho Chu Islands of Kien Giang Province is situated, the ocean seems not to be bothered by the time. It invariably remains an exceptional glamour with a fresh turquoise color and is full of warm sunlight. Occationally, when there are storms and downpour, the elegance seems a bit furious but that fury disappears shortly and put on the usual flashy grace. That wild sunny glamour of a sea paradise is one of the […]


Wandering around Ong Lang beach

Ong Lang Beach 2

Referring to Kien Giang, people recall right away the emerald island Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc tourism has an intense power of drawing attraction with untouched seashores, the lush greenness of flourishing birches reflecting on the calm sea’s surface of the sea. In addition to the great beauty of Kem beach, Sao beach, Phu Quoc also makes an impression with the Ong Lang beach imprinted with a primordial mark. […]